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About Our Hp Service Center

We are one of the leading service providers in Chennai. We are providing all kind of services, laptop, desktop, printer and other services. We are also providing on call services for your issues just make a call us to resolve your system problems. And we will at your door step to resolve every kind of issues in your system or PC. We are selling the laptop accessories like laptop battery, and laptop adapter and other accessories.

Hp Motherboard Repair

Repairs for any power drawback as a results of liquid spill, power surge or lightning strike Motherboards management the subsequent hardware like Audio, Fire wire, and Keyboard or Touchpad, Video, Power, USB,. If you’re experiencing problems with any of your Hp laptop hardware our technicians are diagnose the difficulty. Typically this can be cheaper than shopping out your Hp motherboard.

Laptop Rescue electronic engineers are extremely delicate in repairing motherboard physical science fault caused by defective electronic parts. These parts aren't simply repaired via standard strategies. Exploitation state of the art equipment portable computer Rescue has wealth of expertise in designation and repairing motherboard faults

All Motherboard repairs are done through with high standard, satisfactoriness of Electronic Assemblies that is that the most generally used standard acceptance criteria for client and high reliability electronic assemblies.

If your laptop computer exhibits one among the following symptoms, chances are high that your laptop computer needs motherboard repair:

  • Distorted show / faulty Graphics Card / GPU Failure
  • No video output / No show on LCD display screen
  • Laptop doesn't boot up
  • No Sound / Audio
  • Battery doesn't charge

HP Chip Level Service

We have tendency in providing BGA repairing services. The BGA repairing solutions provided by Hp service center in Chennai is extremely demanded and widely known. It is flexibility, timely execution, originality and effectiveness. We have a tendency to customize the most effective BGA repairing services as per the necessities of our patrons in Chennai.

HP Broken Laptop Service

The Hp service center is specialized in every kind of technical repairs as well as the broken laptop services. Our trained workers are exceptionally qualified in servicing and checking Hp laptops. Whenever, you wish portable computer repair support, simply contact our hp service center in Chennai to get an instant answer. Our professionally trained engineers are an experienced ranges of laptops, our technicians will perform part level servicing for all ranges of Hp portable computer and motherboards.

HP Broken Laptop Panel Reworking Service

In case you have got a broken Hp laptop computer, don’t worry regarding it in any respect, any reasonably harm like plastic panel broken or the other harm is often maintained here. If you are feeling that your laptop computer appearance terribly than previous, then don’t worry, we've got an answer for this , we have a tendency to do painting work on associate previous laptop computer, this may create your laptop computer sort of a new one and that we additionally offer the choice of fixing the colors of laptops.

HP Broken Laptop LCD Reworking

We have extremely qualified professionals to help customers and that we conjointly guarantee minimum period of time. We tend to specialist in fixing up all varieties of issues like LCD’s failures, at a really cheap value. Our Company offers below mentioned services for alphanumeric display reworking:

  • If Liquid spilled onto the LCD, we will bring it back with new operating conditions
  • LCD Broken conditions replacements
  • Dark Screen or lightweight show or black LCD
  • Infrequent and fully dead element issues
  • Injury to the front a part of the show or dim display
  • Missing individual lines on a show driver

HP Laptop Screen Replacement Service

You can currently repair your broken Hp laptop computer screen at the simplest costs, we have a tendency to principally repair the screen with existing one, and just in case of a dead screen, we propose to shop for a replacement one. We are able to replace your laptop computer screen, on a similar day of service. If the laptop computer screen is cracked or broken, then there’s no use of repairing the broken laptop computer screen, during this case you ought to replace it with replacement screen. Replacement new laptop computer screen is predicated on the amount on that the screen is broken.

HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service

Our extremely skilled engineers are capable of repairing broken laptop keyboard, we tend to attempt to repair your portable computer keyboard with the present keys, however in a very worst case, we advise our purchasers, to shop for a replacement portable computer. We've keypads for pretty much all the laptops, thus we will simply replace your previous portable computer keyboard with a replacement one, and this may be done among an equivalent day of service.

HP Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

We are specialized in Hp drive Data Recovery Service. Data recovery is that the method of redeeming data from a broken, corrupted, failed, and inaccessible external storage media, once it cannot be accessed unremarkably. Typically the information being recovered from the storage media, like external or internal fixed disk drives, CDs, DVDs, USB flash, and alternative physical science.

Data Recovery is reasonable within the following cases

  • Partition corruption Problems
  • Virus attacks Issue
  • Electrical or mechanical failure
  • Inaccessible drives or partitions
  • Natural disasters
  • Unable to run or load information
  • Accidental deletion of knowledge
  • Hard drives crashes or failures
  • Data corruption Problems

Virus Protection Service

As a laptop owner, it's crucial that you just and your machine is well protected against the web interloper, including malware issues, virus issues, spyware, and adware.

HP Cleanup Service

We can add combination along with your existing in-house support and build a result-oriented backup arrange. It’s continually higher to require preventive measures before something happens as a result of information loss. Moreover, our services are quite cheap.

The following are the symptoms you'll expertise once your portable computer or Hp computer is affected with virus or malware

  • Slow System Performance
  • Slower email or web access
  • Explorer errors
  • System Lockup
  • Browser home page has modified
    • HP On Call Service

      We are providing laptop and desktop services in chennai and around chennai. We provide door step service and on call service to your problems.

      HP Printer Service

      We are providing printer service at best quality. And refilling of printer toner and cartridge done here with affordable price. Door step and on call service also available for printer service

Other Hp Services

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  • HP laptop System getting hang.
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  • HP laptop Memory control section problem.
  • HP laptop Audio not working.
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  • HP laptop Cd drive control section problem.
  • HP laptop Hard disk control section problem.
  • HP laptop Battery not charging.
  • HP laptop Removal process.
  • HP laptop Rework process.
  • HP laptop Replacement process etc.
  • HP laptop Liquid spilled screen
  • HP laptop Lcd screen broken
  • HP laptop Dim or dark display
  • HP laptop Damage to the front of the display
  • HP laptop Missing display driver.
  • HP laptop Unable to boot.
  • HP laptop Virus attacks.
  • HP laptop Inaccessible drives or partitions.
  • HP laptop Unable to run or load data.
  • HP laptop Data corruption.
  • HP laptop Hard drives crashes/ failures.
  • HP laptop Accidental deletion of data.
  • HP laptop Natural disasters.
  • HP laptop Electrical/ mechanical failure.
  • HP laptop Partition corruption.

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