Hp Motherboard Repair

Repairs for any power drawback as a result of the liquid spill, power surge or lightning strike Motherboards management the subsequent hardware like Audio, Firewire, and Keyboard or Touchpad, Video, Power, USB, If you’re experiencing problems with any of your Hp laptop hardware our technicians diagnose the difficulty. Typically this can be cheaper than shopping out your Hp motherboard.

Laptop Rescue electronic engineers are extremely delicate in repairing motherboard physical science fault caused by defective electronic parts. These parts aren't simply repaired via standard strategies. Exploitation state of the art equipment portable computer Rescue has wealth of expertise in designation and repairing motherboard faults

  • Distorted show / faulty Graphics Card / GPU Failure
  • No video output / No show on LCD display screen
  • Laptop doesn't boot up
  • No Sound / Audio
  • Battery doesn't charge
  • Blue screen
hp motherboard service